KCG Green Energy is also providing clean and renewable energy solutions. Our primarily focuses on:
•  Clean and renewable energy generation
• Provide state-of-the-art energy management solutions with smart meters
•  Introduce State-of-the-art energy generation innovations
Our development equity team provides capital to support developers of projects, across all clean technologies, which are deploying proven technology across different development sectors such as agriculture, education and health platforms.

    • Solar Energy

      One of the areas of expertise that KCG focuses on is solar energy generation. In addition to providing the fundamental solar energy generation infrastructure, which are off-grid solar panels installation and power distribution to the customers, we've a wide range of related services such as connect all the small solar panel pools to be synchronized with the main grid, maintenance of the photovoltaic systems including cleansing in order to make sure maximum generation and utilization.


      Wind Energy

      A wind turbine is a device for converting the kinetic energy in wind into the mechanical energy of a rotating shaft. Usually that rotating mechanical energy is converted immediately by a generator into electrical energy. In the large turbines, there is generally a generator on top of the tower. The generator is usually connected to the turbine shaft through gears which turn the generator at a different speed than the turbine shaft. Power electronic controls convert the electricity into the correct frequency and voltage to feed into the power grid.

      Wind Project Planning

      When you're planning a wind power plant, you need to consider a broad range of factors over the entire lifecycle of the project. These range from financing and sitting to grid requirements and the regulatory framework.

      Precisely who does what will differ from project to project depending on the risk profile. Working closely with the client, we can provide everything from an inclusive package, where we supply, install and calibrate the plant, to simply supplying the turbines.

      You need to consider a large number of factors when operating a wind farm. It has to be serviced, it has to be managed effectively to get the most out of the turbines, you have to train people to operate it, and it has to be insured. We can help with all these issues, and more.

      We provide a range of different offerings, such as service and training, and work in close collaboration with our customers to help them find the optimum solution for operating their wind power plant.





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