Infrared Scanning and Inspection

Infrared thermograph along with other non-destructive testing techniques, is used to   identify temperature differences created by voids or gaps in insulation behind existing walls and ceilings.  Infrared scanning can detect moisture in hidden areas from pipe and roof leaks.

KCG provides a wide array of inspection services for commercial and industrial businesses, municipalities, contractors and homeowners to identify, repair and protect homes, buildings, equipment and structures from moisture, leaks, corrosion and inefficient energy usage.

Our commercial team provides infrared electrical scans, infrared roof moisture surveys, comfort diagnostics, moisture investigations. Infrared Scanning (IR) can improve your facilities efficiency, safety and maintenance by identifying the existence of unusual heat in your electrical or mechanical systems.  Identifying and correcting these abnormal readings will prevent costly damage to your critical systems.  Our systematic scanning  approach to reviewing your system components will provide you with a detailed photographic record of any problems found so you can take action before a  malfunction occurs. 

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