Corporate Social Responsibility

Identify relevant application from the field of renewable energy source like
   - Solar thermal
   - Solar photovoltaic
   - Bio-methanation / biogas plant
   - Watershed management
   - Solid waste management
Preparation of comparative report with specific recommendations
Preparation of road map for project execution
Supervision over project execution
Awareness programs for the stake holders including actual beneficiaries and team members
Measurement and verification of the implementation

Coverage & Scope:

A detailed analysis of requirements to select the appropriate type and size of the renewable energy source, covering

Techno-economic feasibility report

The report shall cover comparative study with recommendations covering
Design with Schematics
Projected gains with seasonal variations and deviations
Capital costs
Cost of auxiliaries and accessories
Operation and maintenance expenses
Expected gains / energy generation and savings
Economics including payback period

Project Consultancy

Designing & Basic engineering
Technical evaluation & recommendations
Supervision over implementation
Validation of savings

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