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KCG Green Energy Consultants, LLC provides energy efficient and renewable energy solutions to building and real estate owners worldwide.  We offer our services to residential, multi-family, commercial and educational facilities, as well as hospitals, airports, and government buildings.  We identify whole building energy consumption through establishing baselines, benchmarking, and diagnostic testing to accurately recommend energy conservation measures. Our solutions allow our clients to understand their energy consumption, enabling them to make effective decisions on energy reductions.  Our staff believes that we must provide our clients with accurate energy consumption information, resulting in efficient energy management practices.  
By empowering our clients with solutions and technology to reduce their carbon footprint, while saving money, we can measure the exact amount of water, gas, and electricity your building consumes, and determine efficient solutions that reduces energy usage.  KCG Green Energy Consultants, LLC is dedicated to implementing energy efficient measures, using proven strategies and the latest technology to achieve maximum energy conservation.
Our knowledgeable inspection team is experienced in improving the energy efficiency of the places we live, work, play, and learn, to conserve energy and save money. By applying our proven strategy of assessing whole building performance, setting performance goals, and creating and implementing action plans, KCG will make energy conservation a priority. Our company is professionally staffed with LEED AP's, certified energy auditors, and certified building analysts. KCG has audited over 1 million square feet of residential and commercial property with an average of 25% reduction in energy consumption.


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