Renewable Energy

KCG Green Energy is also providing clean and renewable energy solutions. Our primarily focuses on: 
•  Clean and renewable energy generation 
• Provide state-of-the-art energy management solutions with smart meters 
•  Introduce State-of-the-art energy generation innovations 
Our development equity team provides capital to support developers of projects, across all clean technologies, which are deploying proven technology across different development sectors such as agriculture, education and health platforms.

Solar Energy

One of the areas of expertise that KCG focuses on is solar energy generation. In addition to providing the fundamental solar energy generation infrastructure, which are off-grid solar panels installation and power distribution to the customers, we've a wide range of related services such as connect all the small solar panel pools to be synchronized with the main grid, maintenance of the photovoltaic systems including cleansing in order to make sure maximum generation and utilization.

Wind Energy

A wind turbine is a device for converting the kinetic energy in wind into the mechanical energy of a rotating shaft. Usually that rotating mechanical energy is converted immediately by a generator into electrical energy. In the large turbines, there is generally a generator on top of the tower. The generator is usually connected to the turbine shaft through gears which turn the generator at a different speed than the turbine shaft. Power electronic controls convert the electricity into the correct frequency and voltage to feed into the power grid.

Coverage & Scope:

A detailed analysis of requirements to select the appropriate type and size of the renewable energy source, covering

Techno-economic feasibility report

The report shall cover
Design basis and detail schematics including auxiliaries and accessories
Projected energy generation with seasonal variations and deviations
Capital costs
Cost of auxiliaries and accessories
Operation and maintenance expenses
Expected energy generation and savings
Economics including payback period, return on investment and sensitivity analysis

Project Consultancy
Detailing engineering
Technical evaluation of proposals & recommendations
Checking of design / drawing
Supervision over erection and commissioning
Validation of savings



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